Attack on Titan Anime Theory: Grisha's Plan

Grisha's Plan

With the last episode, we mostly got a teaser for Grisha's backstory, but we did have a key detail revealed to us- the photo. Part of this photo has appeared before in the teaser for season 3 part 2 and for a single frame in the opening- Only it's only the woman's face, in black and white.

Now here's my theory- the woman is obviously Grisha's wife or lover from his hometown, and the child is Zeke.

I have theorized before about the relation between Zeke and Grisha, and I thought he was Grisha's brother, but the photo changed my mind completely and basically confirmed for me that he is Eren's half-brother.
I think Grisha, following his curiosity and desire for freedom, wasn't satisfied with the oppression of himself and his people in the warrior's kingdom. Or he wanted to spare the people within the Reiss kingdom (assuming their annihilation was planned even before Grisha left). Or maybe these goals interact somehow (maybe the Reiss people and Grisha's people are of the same race/bloodline).

I think his wife was also involved in his plan, and that she was from the ruling class/race, making their love forbidden. I think the plan went wrong somehow (it may have involved Grisha stealing a titan shifter) and Grisha had to escape, but his

The Smiling Titan- I have always thought this titan had more significance, partially because of the teaser for season 3 part 2 showing it a fuck ton of times and partially because of the unlikely coincidence of its arrival in season 2- and following activation of the Coordinate.

This made me suspect it might be important, and have an important bloodline (I have read some people theorize it is a Reiss), which was what made The Coordinate activate (we see in season 3 that Eren's memories return when being touched by Historia and Rod, so I think something similar happened with The Founding Titan's powers).

This made sense with The Smiling Titan originally having noble/royal blood when it was a human, and now when we have the photo in color we can see that both the titan and Grisha's wife have blond hair and blue eyes. This means that maybe someone of royal blood from the warrior's kingdom can also activate Reiss powers, so perhaps the ruling family of the warrior's kingdom is originally related to the Reiss family?

Last note: When Zeke said Grisha tried to brainwash him, it might have been closer to the truth than we thought- it's possible Zeke was also part of Grisha's plan- I have written a super long theory about this in this post- and that he was supposed to fulfill the role Eren is now fulfilling. This might have made Grisha a cruel and intense teacher, constantly lecturing Zeke about the plan and his part in it. Who knows, maybe Zeke turned Grisha in and was the one to make his plan fail?

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