Black Clover Manga Recap Chapter 236

Black Clover Manga Recap Chapter 236

Black Clover Manga Recap Chapter 236

The new chapter of Black Clover manga is out which is chapter 236 and is titled "There's No Way, We Are The Same".This chapter is short as per usual black clover chapters around 13 pages which is kind of disappointing seeing it was on about a month break. However, the chapter was good we get to see Yuno Face off against of member of the Dark Triad.

Just for those who might not know a recap contains spoilers so leave now if you don't want to be spoiled. Thank You.

Page 1 to 5 Yuno Character Development

The opening page shows a flashback dialogue between Asta and Yuno which is significant to explain Yuno's actions and anger throughout this chapter. See Dialogue below.

Black Clover Manga Recap Chapter 236

Yuno has started to appreciate the members of Golding Dawn, plus he is the vice-captain so by both affection and responsibility Yuno is visible mad to see his guild members/family being cut down by the Dark Triad. This shows major development for Yuno's Character who never really shows emotion.

 From Yuno's flashback, we see a member of the guild even makes the observation by saying "You've started to smile lately, Yuno. It's a better look for you". 

This shows clearly Yuno is becoming a real member of Golden Dawn not just in name but on a person to person basis. His character development though slight is quite good and much needed.

After this flashback, he was enraged another rarely seen emotion from Yuno, as he asks the Dark Triad member what he is doing to his comrades, to which he basically said killing them.

Yuno was already in his spirit form and he launches a massive attack at the guy, which he easily blocked. He mentions that is stone magic as been amplified by the devil's power.

devil's power black clover 236

Yuno Has Gotten Stronger

Yuno has gotten really strong. He showed case some very eye-catching impressive moves and techniques in chapter 236. While fighting the Dark Triad member he combines together mana zone and his spirit abilities to use a technique called "Spirits Hushed Dance". The technique as seen in the chapter allows him to move super fast and also remains silent as the word hushed suggests.

While using this technique he was simultaneously blacking the triad guy and rescuing his injured comrades. This was quite a feat and show just how strong Yuno as gotten, this showing justified him getting the titled of Vice-Captain of Golden Dawns.

Yuno is a Level 0 as Strong as Vengence

The Dark Triad Member (Gade-Rois) after seeing Yuno display his 'spirit hushed' deflecting is attacks and saving his comrades, concludes that Yuno is a Level zero. This puts him in the same power class or group as William Vengence who is also a level zero.

Why Dark Triad attacked Golden Dawn

Yuno still confused as to why the Golden Dawn was attacked by the dark triad ask Dark Triad Member (Gade-Rois), to which he replied: "The Dark Triad needs Arcane stage mages." 

Arcane stage mages are mages that have a power that is so unique that it exists outside of the normally measurable parameters of magic. For example Asta, Sacre, and Vengeance these examples should show clearly why they attacked Golden Dawns. They came for vengeance.

Why did the Dark Triad kill Yuno's Father?

Gade-Rois told Yuno that the reason his father(the previous king of Spade Kingdom) died was that he was 'weak, peace-loving idiot'. 

Gade-Rois's comments seem to get under Yuno skins has he fired up his ultimate attack "Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Zephyr" and launch it at him. 

Yuno seems to have also acknowledged that he is indeed from the Spade Kingdom as he muttered to himself "I will be the one to shut this down. I don't care whether it's as a magic knight of clover kingdom or as the prince of Spade kingdom". 


The chapter concluded with Yuno winning this battle. Although the chapter was short it had a lot of information on the Triad and development of Yuno Character. 



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  1. Yuno is level zero same as Vengeance that's surprising. I enjoyed black clover chapter 26.

  2. Its awesome, It was a wonderful anime movie in my entire life, if there's a season 2, I hope it will come up soon, for now I will just repeat this anime movie from ep. 1 until the last while waiting for the season 2 to be release. God bless for those people behind in this anime movie, You did a honorable work guys ����

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