Log Horizon 3 to be released October 2020 Details Inside

Log Horizon 3 2020 Release

Log Horizon 3 2020 Release

Log Horizon 2 2020 release set for October. The long-awaited smash hit series is finally making its return after 5 long years. According to reports "The staff cast that gained popularity in the previous work will reunite again, and we will deliver the familiar “Log Hola World” with laughter and tearful human patterns, group drama of love and friendship, politics in battle full of fantasy ..."

This season is titled "Log Horizon Round Table Collapse", NHK who will be broadcasting the anime released the synopsis:

"One day,
tens of thousands of players, Adventurers, were trapped in the world of the popular online game Elder Tail!
People are confused in a different world where monsters and magic exist realistically,
and the city of adventurers `` Akiba '' has lost order-

A young man
, Shiloe, who was not good at meeting people, was one of those adventurers, but Shiroe decided
to form a guild "Log Horizon" with his immediate associates, Akatsuki and Nyantara.
In addition, he calls on the unity of adventurers to use his own knowledge as a weapon
to launch a self-governing organization, the "Roundtable Conference," and restore peace and stability to the city.

Centered on this Roundtable, we
have also begun to interact with the original resident of the game world, The Earthlings
, and the adventurer and aristocrat, merchant, general
Diplomacy and business with citizens will also become active.

However, adventurers we only have one year from the "catastrophe" that has been blown to a different world,
in the city of Akiba, which has enjoyed fleeting prosperity, of new species of monster "Tenwazawai"
invasion and the east and west of nobility to each other
Many types of fire continued to smolderincluding the struggle for power, the disparity, and speculation between adventurers.

Finally, a critical crisis will come to the roundtable, a symbol of adventurer unity ..."

Cast and Crew of Log Horizon 3

Shiloe Takushima Terashima
Indirect Tomoaki Maeno
Akatsuki Emiri Kato
Nyanta Joji Nakata
Touya Yamashita Daiki
Minori Nao Tamura
Isuzu Eriko Matsui
Rundel House Tetsuya Kakihara
Tetora Yukiyo Fujii
Marielle Yumi Hara
Henrietta Ayayo Takagaki
Selara Misaki Kuno
Renesia Mariya Ise
Elissa Ikumi Hayama
Kanami Marina Inoue
Krusty Takahiro Sakurai
Misa Takayama Kaori Nazuka
Riese Murakawa Rii
Sojiro Hiro Shimono
Michitaka Goto Hiroki
Kalasin Nobuhiko Okamoto
Isaac Satoshi Hino
Ains Masakazu Nishida
William-Massachusetts Yuichi Nakamura
Original story
Story supervision Shoji Masuda
Character draft Harakazuhiro
Director Shinji Ishihira
Series composition Toshizo Nemoto
Sound Director Hata Shoji
Music Koji Takanashi
Animation Production Studio Dean

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