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Why the Dark Triad is after Arcane MagesWhy the Dark Triad is after Arcane Mages

The Dark Triad is after Arcane Mages and the big question that comes to mind is why. So I will attempt to answer why the dark Triad is after Arcane mages, but before that let me explain what Arcane mages are first.

What is an Arcane Mage?

An arcane mage in black clover is a mage with powers outside the normal abilities of regular Mages. That is the simplest explanation.

A more technical way explaining what or who Arcane Mages are, is to say they have power outside the current world in black clover, almost netherworld power. Some examples or Asta with his anti-magic, Yami with his dark magic (when facing the devil he mentioned that Yami Magic is from the netherworld) Secre with her sealing Magic and Vengence with his world tree Magic also the Wizard king with his time magic.

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These types of magic are beyond the normal magic in black clover. They have the ability to alter reality and the natural flow of things. Also, very important as stated by the heart kingdom princess, they can kill Devils. So with that in mind let's get to why the Dark Triad is after Arcane Stage Mages.

3 Reasons The Dark Triad is After Arcane Mages.

1. The Dark Triad wants to wipe out all Arcane Mages

 because they are the only ones that can kill Devils. I believe that in order for the dark Triad the reign supreme they must dispose of all threats. Since they get their powers from the devil Magicula it is imperative they eliminate all threats before they become stronger and pose an even greater threat. However, I must note that Dark Triad member Zeno did not kill Vengeance but captured him which leads me to my next point.

2. Use the Arcane mages' abilities for the Dark Triad organization. 

I believe they want to use their power to summon more devils to this world. For devils from the netherworld to come to the human world they need a vessel. They can possess those that fall into despair or possess a 5 leave clover grimoire. I am guessing the other why is through Arcane mages who already have a connection with the other world. For example, Yami Dark magic is from the netherworld and he can use dimensions magic with his dimensions slash technique. He might be able to cut open a dimension to the netherworld for devils to come and to the human world.


It's possible that the Dark Triad wants to kill the Arcane mages but take their power before they do. It's clear that they want all Arcane Mages because they are hunting for them. This might be the reason why Zeno did not straight up kill Vengeance. He might want to extra is power first.

These are my three reasons for why the Dark triad is after Arcane mages. If you disagree let me know why in the comment section.

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