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Asta’s demon’s Master plan and Why it is to be feared.

Asta’s demon is a mystery however with the reveal of black clover episode 119 more light has begun to shed on him and I for one think that this demon is to be feared more than any other, it was established that only magic from the “Otherworld” and Dark magic could affect other demons, which effectively means that unless a regular mage comes into contact with “Otherworld” mana, only Captain Yami and Asta would be able to properly slay a demon.

I’ll also say this, I at no point in time believe that Asta “conquered” his devil with sheer willpower, what I believe happened is that the demon merely allowed him to use his powers with the aim of seeing how much this boy’s body could withstand. With that out of the way, that brings me to the demon’s true goal, which I believe is to destroy all the other devils on the continent, effectively making himself unstoppable and attaining revenge against the others.

What revenge you may ask? In the world of black clover, we are told that Magic is everything, I venture to believe that this is true in both in this world and the “other world,” I also believe that a demon who had been born without magic would have been scorned and ridiculed by his seniors and based on what I’ve seen so far, messing with a devil isn’t something one should do unless they have a deathwish.

Essentially Asta wants to become the wizard king, and the devil in his grimoire wishes to destroy or possibly rule over all devils, making him the Demon King. Asta’s demon is to be feared and the fate of our favorite loud mouth black bull is anyone’s guess.

What do you think is it’s true intentions and do you think Asta can conquer it?

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