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Boruto Manga 43 Recap

Boruto Manga 43 Recap

Boruto Manga 43 Recap: The latest chapter of Boruto is out and it's quite entertaining. This chapter had a major reveal in regards to the Karma Seal. This chapter picked up where it ended in Boruto 42 with Sarada using the Chidori (Lighting Blade) for the first time to destroy Kara member Boro.

Sarada Mastered The Chidori

Sarada finally masters her dad's signature technique the Chidori and she uses this move to destroy Boro's ninja tech core. The core regulates his ninja tech functions and is enabling his regenerative ability. Sarada impressed her team seven members, Boruto and Mitsuki as well as Kawaki. Kawaki was shocked by the technique and asked "how such a fast technique was so accurate", Mitsuki informed him that it was a Sasuke signature move and it's possible only for people who have the Sharingan. Boruto was surprised Sarada had successfully mastered the technique.

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Kawaki and Boruto Save Naruto with Karma

After destroying Boro's core, Kawaki told them to ignore the rampaging Boro since without his core he is just like a mindless beast. So they ignored him and rushed over to the vessel that had Naruto sealed. They tried to pry open the vessel but failed miserably as it won't budge even a little. They realize that only Jigen might be able to open the vessel. However, Kawaki quickly comes up with another solution. He remembered how he used Karma Seal powers to open another dimension to come to the current dimension they are in, and figured he can do the same for getting Naruto out of the vessel.

So with the help of Boruto's Karma teamed up with his Kawaki and opened a dimension to the vessel containing Naruto and successfully retrieved him. Unfortunately for them, he was unconscious. They wanted Naruto to finish off Boro, who had gotten big as hell and rampaging. Now he had caught them in his cross airs and started attacking them. Boruto watches as his teammates and friends are getting spanked by Boro triggers his karma transformation.

Boruto Karma Transformation

Boruto Karma Transformation

Boruto Karma Transformation was assumed to experience. The design was great and Boruto displayed how powerful he gets when using karma. He went on a rampage beating the shit out of Boro. Boro was in disbelief at the ass whopping he was receiving.

The Return of Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki Otsutsuki makes his return to Boruto in Manga Chapter 43. He took over Boruto's body and transformed into the Karma mode and was actually the one beating the shit out of Boro. It became apparent it was Mommoshiki once he started talking.

His first words he referred to Boro as an "inferior creature" also told him not to get cocky. This level of arrogance and pride made it clear that this was no longer Boruto but Momoshiki. This revelation has so many implications as well as raises so many questions. Like will Boruto lose his body to Momoshiki, will they fight for dominance or will they become friends working together?

What Triggered Momoshiki Return

Momoshiki Otsutsuki realized that Boruto his vessel would die if he did not step in and killed Boruto. This karma seal I believe is a reincarnation technique the Otsutsuki uses to remain immortal and live forever.  I believe once the seal has absorbed enough chakra and the vessel's body becomes stronger is when the reincarnation can fully take place. Introducing this new plot just made the manga much more interesting.

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Kashin Koji Going to Kill Jigen?

In the later part of this Boruto chapter, we see Kashin Koji at the Kara headquarters inquiring about Jigen's whereabouts and the other members. Kashin Koji has made up his mind to kill Jigen and this is the perfect opportunity for him to do so. Since he is in a weekend state after fighting Naruto and Sasuke and returned to base to recoup. Now there is no major member of Kara protecting him in this weekend state so Koji will be making his move. 

In the next chapter, we should see the conclusion or beginning of Kashin Koji's plan to kill Jigen. Will he fail and succeed is the big question right now. I doubt he will win for plot reasons, however, who knows what the writer may do.

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