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As you might know by now The One Piece Live-action has been announced, it will be on Netflix upon its release. Now we know Netflix has made a huge blunder in the adaptation of anime live-action, the most notable "Death Note". So most people are worried about whether Netflix will make a disastrous adaption of one of the biggest manga and anime materials out there. And I myself am very worried.

A live-action of an anime/manga is very hard, it's not like you can just pick any random actors to play the parts of the main characters, no. They have to at least have some slight resemblance and can act out of this world. Also, most live actions sometimes stray away slightly from the source material this also causes problems for fans.

These are just a few things Netflix will have to do to make sure they do to make this live-action a  success.  

And with all that in mind, I found a youtube video explaining "How The ONE PIECE LIVE ACTION Can Be Successful"

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