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Noelle Silva: From Shame to Sea Goddess

“There is no shame in being weak, the shame is in staying weak.” These were Captain fuegoleon’s simple words to Noelle Silva, and these words have come to define her.

The character of Noelle is a very strange one, here we have a royal from one of the three great houses, with powerful and immense magical power. One would assume that going by those things alone, Noelle Silva would be the most selfish, arrogant and strongest characters in the series and while it looked that way at first, we were quickly thrown for a loop.

               The shame of house Silva; a name she was dubbed with because of her lack of control over her magic power, unable to hit a target with even her most basic spell, while Other nobles can’t even do that as a joke, that was her reality. In the world of Black Clover magic is everything, but don’t misunderstand, Magic control is equally important, control turns an average mage into an excellent one.

               It’s this struggle for control that Noelle goes through for a lot of the series, with the weight of her colorful past and overwhelming fear causing something of a mental block and preventing her from unleashing the full might of her abilities.  Fear and sadness however was the chief emotions that truly hindered her, Being a part of the black bulls squad helped massively to fill her with feelings of love and belonging, however she probably wouldn’t have even tried to overcome her fear if not for being pushed by the need to protect those first bonds she made.

               Noelle in my eyes is a protector and fighter, very gritty for the traditional Royal, no doubt because of her time as a black bull, in some ways she is like a reactive Mereoleona (that uses water), As we know a grimoire evolves with its owner and no-one shows this better than Noelle. A need to protect creating the Sea dragon’s lair, A need to make the enemy pay for hurting her friends creating the Sea dragons roar and a need to improve herself creating the Valkyrie’s dress.

Her growth an evolution is throughout the series is astonishing, from Royal failure to Royal magic knight, Noelle Silva is an inspiration to anyone who struggles and a character that will always hold a special place in mine and many other’s hearts, overcoming fear and ridicule to make herself and squadmates proud. 

what do you think of Noelle Silva and who's evolution are you most proud of seeing in Black Clover?

Sedeke Harrison

I am passionate about many things in life and just love sharing my views with people as well as trying my best to understand what shapes another person's way of thinking.


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  1. Noelle is an great character with incredible potential.

    1. massive potential, and going forward i think we will see much more from her as she continues to develop.

  2. she really is one of the best developed characters in the series and one of my favourites

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