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Red Hair Pirates vs Beast Pirates

Which pirate crew would win the Red Hair Pirates VS Beast Pirate match up? This is very hard to gauge match for a number of reasons.

 Shanks crew is shrouded in mystery, we know little about them except that they're strong Yonko crew who has enough influence and strength to request the ending of the marine Ford War.

 They threatened to take on both parties if they refused, keeping in mind both parties had top fighters within the world of one piece, talking about admirals and Yonkos. This demonstrated that the Shanks red hair pirates are very strong. However, there are not many more details on each individual's strengths and weaknesses. 
The other reason is that we hardly see much of the Kaido crew as well. We know the crew is strong and has some very strong commandos like Jack among others. Plus, most of his crew have strong Zoan type devil fruits and are very good at using their devil fruits.

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So who would win Kaido vs Shanks and why?

I think Kaido Beast Pirates would win over Shanks Red Hair Pirates. I know most One Piece fans would assume the opposite.  Shanks is the most popular and loved Yonko in the One Piece fandom.  Most fans believe him to be the strongest Yonko. However, I think in terms of raw strength and battle prowess the Kaido and his crew are way stronger than Shanks and his crew. Kaido, as we all recognize, is titled the world's strongest beast. He possesses a mythical Zoan type devil fruit, his crew all possess Zoan type devil fruits which is why they are dubbed the beast pirate crew.

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I don't see Shanks beating the Kaido pirates in a straight-up brawl.  However, Shanks is intelligent and I don't think he and his crew would outright lose to Kaido. Kaido's win would be a hard one.

I know a lot of people will disagree with this assessment. I would love to see your thoughts in the comment section below.


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