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The brilliance of Black Clover’s 119 “the final attack!”.

So, picture this, you're facing off against a seemingly impossible to beat demon inside a sealed closed castle, some of the most powerful mages in the country are powerless against it. Asta and Yuno have pushed themselves to the absolute limits of their powers, yet still, it is all for naught, soon its strange otherworldly magic will devour all life inside the castle, after which it will escape and set its sight upon destroying the earth. Your friends, family, and way of life will simply seize to exist. How do you stop such a thing?

Step forward Captain Yami, with supreme concentration and a stance as firm as the ground itself, his sword at the ready as he attempted the impossible, to attack the demon from improbable range. This moment of bravery and faith is rewarded with him unleashing his ultimate attack and then sets off a chain of events, which wouldn’t be possible if not for every individual acting and reacting in perfect synchronization.

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Black Clover, in general, handles major fight scenes well, differently than most other anime’s, where most times our protagonist faces off against all odds seemingly on his own whether after fruitful or most times unfruitful effort from their allies, Black Clover puts a spin on this for a few of its most memorable fights and while yes Asta still finishes the ‘bad guy’ at the end of the day, it would have been impossible without the huge help from many of the other characters.

This is where black clover shines for me, in its use of combination, make no mistake, pulling off a successful combination attack is by no means an easy feat in anime and only some of the best-written stories are able to pull it off with a degree of fluidity, you only have to think back to Yusuke and Kuwabara’s first fight against the Toguro brothers, Naruto and Sasuke’s fight against Zabuza and Kakashi and Obito’s battle to rescue Rin from the stone ninjas during the third shinobi world war.

So what do you guys think about that moment, did it leave you standing on the edge of your seat too, what other moments of teamwork do you think stand out in other anime?

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