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The Real Reason My Hero Academia Creator Apologized

The Real Reason My Hero Academia Creator Apologized

The Real Reason My Hero Academia Creator Apologized is due to money. In the wake of this controversy that has sparked outrage from Koreans and Chinese, the manga is already losing money. According to reports "Since the backlash, Tencent and Bilibili have removed the manga from their platforms. Bilibili confirmed the manga was removed “in accordance with China's policies” but didn’t elaborate further." 

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In case you might not know China is about to surpass America as the large consumer market in the world. It's pretty clear that My Hero Academia has a large number of Chinese fans. Reports say that on Weibo, posts related to the incident have more than 15 million views, with more than 6,000 posts and comments published over 12 hours.

This is a major hit to the My Hero Academia franchise and as a fan, I am very worried. Anytime money and politics enter the art space its the art that suffers. If this issue is not resolved quickly and or affects the income of the serious then its safe to say that the serious my finish prematurely due to lack of funds or political pressure.

South Korea and Japan are still lacked in an economic war due to ruling by a Korean court order demanding Nippon Steel, Japan’s largest steelmaker, to compensate the families of some Koreans who were forced into labor for the company by the Japanese during World War II. When you add now the fact that Koreans are also angry about the My Hero Academia debacle it's clear that this issue could really blow up bigger than necessary and become very political. Now countries in Asia seem to be relieving the horrors of world war 2 and the Japanese occupation of major cities and countries in Asia.

I really hope that this issue is resolved quickly and it doesn't really affect the Manga and Anime too badly to the point it's canceled.


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