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 top 10 black clover openings

Ranking the top 10 black clover openings

Alright so for those of you that are familiar with black clover, you guys already know that they have some of the best openings in anime today and you also know how hard it is to say which one is definitively the best, but I’ll bite the bullet and make a top 10 ranking of which ones I think are the best based on both audio and visuals and how the two tie into best express itself.
Also, as a side note, this is based on the songs for the length of the opening, not the full length because then my top 10 might shift again. This list is in descending order.

Number 10 : Opening 4 : Guess Who is Back
Guess who is back is honestly one of my favorite openings of the series. It is performed by Koda Kumi, and I would say that in terms of visuals, it stands out as one of the best if not the best, with it’s seamless flow from scene to scene and how the black bulls take center stage while showcasing one of their major threats, it was breathtaking.

Number 9 : Opening 6: Rakugaki Page
Rakugaki Page or Graffiti page as it translates to in English  is performed by Kankaku Piero, and to be honest, it does its name justice, the opening blends together the colorful cast of black clover brilliantly, which members from each magic knight squads getting to unleash their power across the canvas that is the battlefield all while the song does the same transition from a mellow beat to something fierce and powerful.

Number 8: Opening 8 : Sky &Blue
Sky & Blue is performed by GIRLFRIEND, it a powerful opening with strong visuals and very catchy once you give it a few listens, it is also set on a much lighter tone than most of the other openings, which is by no means a bad thing.

Number 7: Opening 5: Gamushara
Gamushara is performed by Miyuna is another powerful opening that starts off a bit on the light side, which is good because of how that arc begins, and as with most of the great songs of Black clover the visuals and transition to a more powerful is there as well, with V2 being my favorite visually.

Number 6: Opening 2: Paint it black.
Paint it Black was an impressive opening to be fair when I know an opening word for word, you know it is good. but paint it black excellences in both a consistent flow of song and visuals that indeed paints it Black; by this I mean, there were so many unknowns during this arc, filled with mystery and hidden treasures that we were totally in the dark about.
Now we’ve broken into the top end of the opening, this is where it gets truly tough and each one of these could easily achieve the number one spot.

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Number 5: Opening 1: Haruka Mirai
Haruka Mirai is performed by Kankaku Piero, and boys and girls, what a performance it is. this is where it all begins, this song is hype from beginning to end with now drop off or slow down, which is one of the few that can boast that, visual very impressive, giving you an introduction to most of it’s main cast as well as a bit of information about them if you can read between the line, the Noelle scene in the rain, for example, was beautiful. When you hear Haruka Mirai you know one of three things, someone’s gonna get their asses handed to them 2) Kankuka Piero is performing or 3) you are watching Black Clover.

Number 4: Opening 3: Black Rover
Black Rover is performed by Vickeblanka, remember when I said there are a few songs that are hype from beginning to end? Well this is another one of them, the only thing chill about this opening is the beginning instrumentals and probably the wind on Nero’s feathers, this opening showcases some brilliant visuals of some of the most powerful mages in the series and does this in literally a few smooth transitions, it was also an opening dedicated to the captain of the black bulls I feel because he is in essence a ‘black rover’ and for that as well it earns my respect. Definitely one of the best openings in the series.

Number 3: Opening 9: Right Now
Right now is performed by EMPiRE and is by far the most visually stunning opening of them all, it has a certain semi Gothic edge to it, showcasing many of the growth of the cast and evolution as well as acting as a kind of the inverse of Opening four, in that instead of mainly focusing on the black bulls, we get to see antagonists in a sort of spectrum reversal. The song it blends well with its imagery, building up tension until finally exploding with a blast of emotions and melodies, and it is that blend that really makes it such a powerful opening.

Number 2: Opening 10: Black Catcher
Black Catcher is performed by Vickebanka, their second song for Black clover’s opening’s and let me tell you, Vickebanka did not disappoint, it has a similar air to it as Black Rover in the way how it Transitions from one tone to the next all the while, never dropping its intensity and hype, filling us with energy, motion, and anticipation. this is without a doubt one of the best Openings in Anime, Visually the use of black and white was excellent to express the struggle between the forces of good and evil as well the sheer how hopeless the situation is, while also reminding us that our favorite band of magic knights will never give up hope!

Number 1: Opening 7: JUSTadICE
JUSTadICE is performed by Seiko Oomori, let me just start by saying this is without a doubt the catchiest opening in the series I think, “(Ki, ki, ki) kimi no koto (wa, wa, wa) wakaranai dakara” once you hear it start, it’s literally impossible to now sing along. This is the final opening that is hype from beginning to end, it somehow manages to increase intensity keeping us at the edge of our seat, delivering stunning visuals subtlety gives us hint as to what is to come while leaving us with dozens of questions. The Mixture of song and images then continues to build an unimaginable amount of tension before letting it exploded in a magnificent “Black Clover!”, I have never seen such a more fitting opening for an anime Arc in a long time, truly, truly Glorious. 

 top 10 black clover openings

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