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Black Clover chapter 247 Recap

Black Clover chapter 247 Recap. So we're brought to what's going on in the Heart kingdom since the last time we saw Vanica approaching. Unfortunately, we did not get any details of the fight, more rather, the attack is approaching its climax as we're shown the entire water country covered in flames, with citizens running for their lives, along with half-dead to fully dead bodies littered across the ground that seemed to be, a battlefield.

There was an enemy, clearly a demon-possessed of silhouette, that caught my attention. The question that came to mind after seeing it was, is this Vanica? Or is this just one of her underlings? Those wavy aura looking limbs stemming from her body looks like hair, which is one of the reasons that led me to believe that it was Vanica. But considering that we got to see Dante and Zenon transformations, I guess we would've gotten to see her as well. But none the less, the battle is over yet, so another chapter or two could possibly reveal her transformation. 

In any case, I'm still puzzled as to what could those aurae looking for things emitting from the person's body could be. This seems like a very complicated war for the Heart kingdom as most of their men are already defeated and it seems as if the Spade soldiers haven't exerted much effort in defeating them. We got to see yet another demon-possessed with magic that makes his/her fingers (or fingernails) like piercing thread skewer, what seemed to be a Heart spiritual guardian. That something similar to what Zenon did to the Golden Dawn members, but a bit more badass.

 Another spiritual guardian is even covered in blood, battered and beaten to the ground while his opponent, Svenkin, seems full of energy and unscathed. though they are demon-possessed, shouldn't they have full control of their own mind? If so, then mercilessly attacking a woman and child with the intention of killing both is on another level of being despicable. But I guess when it comes to pleasing another female, a man will go to any length. 

I'm waiting to see how Luck will overcome Svenkin considering he's like the third Raikage from Naruto Shippuden. Something doesn't add up though, regardless of how strong or how soft an object is, as long as it is not rubber, it should conduct electricity. So why didn't Luck's attack work? My only conclusion is that Svenkin's magic element is based on the density of the rubber. In other words, this is a "Luffy vs Enel" match-up. 

But Luck is yet to use the magic residue left over by the elf, so this battle is far from over. But I don't think they'll win this war, at least not at this moment.

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