Boruto Chapter 47: How did Kawaki Get his Karma Seal Back?

How did Kawaki Get his Karma Seal Back

How did Kawaki Get his Karma Seal Back

Why Kawaki Lost His Karma Seal

How did Kawaki Get his Karma Seal Back? Now for those of you who don't know, This is going to be spoiler-filled, so if you have not read Boruto chapter 47. You should go read it now. But for those of you who know here is a quick recap. Kawaki no longer has his karma seal. At least currently speaking. And That is because Isshiki Otsutsuki was forced to choose Jigen as his vessel. Didn't have much choice in the matter because he was forced to do so because of Amado's and Kashin Koji's plan. And because Jigen is now officially the The reincarnated vessel, so any other vessel with Ishiki's karma seal, was unnecessary So they lost their Karma Seal. This is done to prevent a duplicate  Isshiki Otsutsuki walking around, so, because of that, Kawaki lost his Karma seal.

 However, many of us have seen at the beginning of the Boruto Manga, that Kawaki had his Karma Seal when he was fighting against Boruto. Plus, the karma pattern matches Ishiki Outsuki's karma pattern. So the big question now is: How did Kawaki Get his Karma Seal Back?

Three Theories of How Kawaki Got his Karma Seal Back

1. Isshiki Died in Battle and Place Seal on Kawaki

Amado has made clear he knows how to permanently kill an Otsutsuki. Part of achieving this was forcing Isshiki to fully reincarnate into Jigen's body. By doing this Isshiki Otsutsuki will have no more viable bodies with a Karma seal since he was fully reincarnated. So all they would have to do is kill Isshiki while taking precautions to not let him place a Karma Seal on anyone while he is about to die.

However, I think they failed to do this, and Kawaki was either involved in the battle to kill Isshiki or he was close by the vicinity. This is how Isshiki got the chance to place Karma Seal on Kawaki.

2. Isshiki Kidnapped Kawaki and Placed Karma Seal on Him

Amado has made clear to us, the viewers as well as Naruto and others. Jigen's body was not the ideal body for Jigen due to its low chakra reserves. However, he was forced to be reincarnated into Jigen's body. So with this information, I theorized that Isshiki will kidnap Kawaki and place the Karma Seal on him again. I believe Isshiki will train him and get his body ready for full assimilation with Karma. Just like Orochimaru planned to do to Sasuke, but we know how that ended lol.

If this theory is true it might explain why Boruto and Kawaki were fighting at the start of the Boruto Manga and why he might have actually killed Naruto, who he admires and likes. Isshiki Otsutsuki most likely corrupted Kawaki and imparted some twisted ideology to him. I believe this theory to be the most plausible currently.

3. Karma has Some Hidden Abilities We Still Not Aware of Yet

This theory is a bit more outlandish since there is really any information currently in the Boruto Manga to support it. However, I would still like to share it with you guys. Amado's explanation of the Karma Seal made it seem like it was data like computer science. So it is biological data that contains all of a fallen Otsutsuki Data such as Chakra, Memory, Power, etc... So building on the computer concept, what if, despite the Kawaki not having to Karma seal, he still has information or data pertaining to Karma within him still?

What if this residual data on karma is remaining dormant until some condition is met? For example, when Isshiki is dying, the residual karma data in Kawaki body is activated to do a recovery of all the Karma data that was once a part of Kawaki. This way Kawaki would regain his Karma through a recovery process triggered by Isshiki's death.

I know the third theory is outlandish but I truly believe that it's possible, especially since we don't know enough about Karma Seal or the Otsutsuki clan.

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