About Us

About Us

The Anime Podcast is here to bring the best and latest anime news, discussion, reviews, theories, recommendations, etc..  This endeavor started off as purely just a podcast hence the name, then we decide to expand to a website with written content. Come along with me on this journey of breaking down the most entertaining anime’s out there. 

Our podcast is located on this site as well as all the following podcast platforms:
>PockCast: https://pca.st/X7Qc

Give us a listen at any of these podcast platforms, please.

We are a big fan of these anime websites and they are among our sources for news posted in this blog.

>Anime News Network
>Anime Anime
>Moca News
>Comic Natalie
>Anime Trending
>Guodong Subs
>Beneath the Tangles

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